The Battle for Clicks on Ads Isn’t Won or Lost Here.
The Action Happens Here and You’re Blind to It.
Discover How X-Ray Vision For Google Ads Can Give You an Unfair Advantage on the Google Ads Battlefield
Discover How
X-Ray Vision For Google Ads
Can Give You an Unfair Advantage on the Google Ads Battlefield
With X-Ray Vision You Can See:
All the advertisers who compete with your clients
The keywords they compete on
Their ad copy
The time of day their ads run
And the devices they target
Even in small towns like Jackson, Mississippi, and not just the big cities.

It’s Like Being Able To See Every Move By Every Player in The Battle - And They Will Never Know.

Would that help you kick their ass and amaze your client with your knowledge of their market?
It starts with a drop in conversions. Impressions are fine, clicks are fine, CPC’s are all in the right spot. Your landing page hasn’t changed and yet something has changed. Your clients leads have slowed - a lot.   

So you check conversion tracking. You check calls are connecting. You check the landing page is loading fine.


And then your email alert chimes.
And a photo of his screen taken with his mobile - showing a hit competitor's new $50 off discount offer that suddenly makes your client’s free delivery ad look dumb.

The only way out is to admit you didn’t know - you hadn't seen the ad. With so many keywords, and so many ads, how can you possibly spot every change by every competitor in the market?

Even more frustrating, it’s not like you haven’t tried. You’ve paid for expensive subscriptions to the market leading spy tools - and while they might be great for big brands, the results for local clients like yours - well, they suck.
We’ve all been there.
Take a look at these.
So what if you could avoid ever getting caught out again. Never receive a “Why didn’t’ you tell me” email. Or worse still - the phone call.
Let me show you how you can become one of the first agencies in the world to have peace of mind, with x-ray super powers for every client in under 5 minutes.
And how you can get it today and prove it for 75% off.
X-Ray Vision in 5 Steps
Press go, sit back and relax.

Here’s the competitors Google ads reports for an account.

And here’s what PPCAdLab found: all the ones Google listed - and a bunch it didn’t.
So, if you are serious about looking after your client with data-driven solutions, you should probably take PPCAdLab for a test drive now.
We’ll even give you 500 searches for free to prove it’s right for you!
Here's What You'll Get:
Hour By Hour Market Analysis
See exactly who is advertising for any search term in any of the top 1,000 US cities. Know your competition, and see where there are opportunities to beat them.

Hour by hour, day by day results by search term and location so you can find the gaps in the week when competition is at it’s lowest and grab cheap clicks.
Competitor Ads
You can see every set of ad copy from every advertiser. This is competitive intelligence like never before. You're able to see every offer and test ad from every competitor so you can outsmart them every time.
Competitors By Keyword
See the individual keywords that your competitors are targeting (and which they aren’t).
Competition Strength
Discover how many competitors (and which ones) are bidding on any keyword.
Choose Your Device
Device breakdown so you know who is strong on mobile, who is focussing on desktop and how to outsmart them.
Prospect Contact Info
Grab prospect emails, phone numbers, LinkedIn profiles and more for advertisers you can help improve, and go armed with real data about their existing campaigns.
Competitor Inbox Alerts
Alerts in your inbox when a new advertiser joins the market or a competitor changes their ad copy so you’ll never get caught by a surprise change in campaign performance.
White-Label Client Reports
PPC Ad Lab can export white-label .pdf reports so you can dazzle your clients with your depth of knowledge on their market.
"It's almost cathartic to have something like this that comes in and reempowers the ad manager with with very real, very actionable data. I've been running some initial tests with a few of our clients, and the heat mapping chart and the ability to see competitor ads in real time based off of specific geographies, and then filter by those ads to see what people are actually saying, what they're doing, when they're doing it. This is the competitive intelligence here. I think it's unparalleled. I'm so impressed with what they've built."
- Kasim
Founder and CEO of Solutions 8
"Magic is what this is. If no one's ever tried to do this or piece all of this together, they don't understand. But I have and I know what I'm looking at here! When you’re in sales, people’s decisions to buy is squarely based on their confidence in your ability to deliver. And whenever you are showing them this, saying 'Here’s where your market’s at. This is what opportunities exist', et cetera, this is only going to help build those confidence plays. How could you not win?"
- Josh Wheeler
CEO of White Label Ad Factory
"Damn, this is VERY cool. I'm definitely going to love this!"
- Lyn Askin
CEO and PPC Strategist
Here’s what some of our early, industry expert beta testers had to say:
0 Team Members
5 Domains
White Label reports
Prospect Lookup (
2,000 Monthly Search Credits
1 Country Location Targeting
Location Granularity (city, metro, zip)
3 x Hourly Max Search Frequency Per Job
Client Domain Monitoring
New Competitor Alerts
New Ad Copy Alerts
White Label URL
Referral Commision - 25%
save 28%
0 Team Members
15 Domains
White Label reports
Prospect Lookup (
7,500 Monthly Search Credits
2 Country Location Targeting
Location Granularity (city, metro, zip)
3 x Hourly Max Search Frequency Per Job
Client Domain Monitoring
New Competitor Alerts
New Ad Copy Alerts
White Label URL
Referral Commision - 25%
save 38%
Unlimited Team Members
Unlimited Domains
White Label reports
Prospect Lookup (
20,000 Monthly Search Credits
Worldwide Country Location Targeting
Location Granularity (city, metro, zip)
3 x Hourly Max Search Frequency Per Job
Client Domain Monitoring
New Competitor Alerts
New Ad Copy Alerts
White Label URL
Referral Commision - 25%
PPC Ad Lab was built because - honestly, I wanted to build a list of all the plumbers advertising on Google. I tried a few solutions and the results were next to useless.  I’ve been in Google Ads for 9 years - I own an agency of 20+ people ( and it annoyed the heck out of me that I couldn’t meet  such a simple, obvious need.

I’m not very good at leaving problems unsolved, so I hired a developer and we built a version to produce a .csv and it worked like a charm. 4,041 advertisers found in only a few days.

So then I figured that you can’t rely on one test in one location due to ad scheduling and impression share, and device targeting and all the other things that mean you need to test more frequently.  So we built a heatmap.  And then, and then…

You get the idea. One thing led to another and before you know it, we'd built an application.

And everyone I mentioned it to (I did that a lot because I think it’s cool) wanted to use it. So we gave out some logins and they loved it.

So that’s how we got here - hope you like what we’ve built.
Which locations can I find ads for?
We offer approximately 102,000 targeting locations mirroring those you can use in Google Ads.  This includes worldwide targeting, states, counties, cities, zip/post code, and even places of interest like airports. We’ve got you covered.
Can I do radius targeting?
Not right now, though we might look into that in the future.
How fast will I see results?
We don’t rely on a historic database, we capture ads in real-time, running searches up to 3 times per hour so you very quickly build up a real profile of your market as it happens.
Can I export data?
Yes, you can export advertiser data and other information to CSV.
Can I use this for finding prospects?
Of course, search for advertisers that meet your criteria. Then use our integration with to lookup contact information.
How much does it cost?
We have multiple plans available to meet your needs, and if you don’t find one for you - let us know and we’ll see what we can do.
Do you have a free plan?
We offer 500 free searches (1 keyword, 1 location x 1 search  = 1 search). You can test us before choosing the best subscription for you.
Do you offer refunds?
You can test us prior to subscribing with 500 searches. We want to prove our results to you, but all subscriptions are final and non-refundable.
Is your data accurate?
In our testing our results are at least as accurate as in your Google Ads account and we often find results that Google don’t show you.
Frequently Asked Questions
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